Tir Cyffredin

Housing Co-operative

We live in Bryn Tyrnol, a wonderful quirky old house that is much-loved by the local community.

Bryn Tyrnol is the birthplace of the El Sueño Existe festival, and has been called home by many folks who have settled in Machynlleth over the years, including activists, musicians, poets, and a lot of vegetarians. For decades it has been hosting environmental and social justice campaigns, workshops, choirs, folk sessions, storytelling.

In order to keep Bryn Tyrnol in the hands of the community, our landlord Tony is making it affordable to set up a new housing co-operative, despite the high market value of the property. There is a desperate shortage of affordable housing in rural Wales, with almost a quarter of houses being bought in Powys as second homes.

Setting up Bryn Tyrnol as a new co-operative will enable tenants to access and develop housing that would not be affordable as individuals. Find out more about investing in Tir Cyffredin, and keep updated on our journey by following us on Facebook and Instagram.



12noon – 1 - General Milling, cups of tea

1 - Opening speech & Introductions (front of house)

1.30 – Folk session (front of house)(front of house)

2.30 - Phil Wheeler’s Jazz Band

3.30 – Ailsa Mair Fox // The Fairytale Cellist (Cuncumén)

4.30 - Meditation in Cuncumén (limited spaces)

5.30 – Soup served

5.45 - Poetry (Si Griffiths) & Stories (various) @ Fire Pit

6.45 – Jamming session and songs around the fire

7.30 – Ailsa Mair & Badger Brown- cello & voice (front of house)

8.30 - Quercus Burlesque (front of house)

9.45 – Group Song to finish

NB: We will all be available for chats throughout the day, and there will always be one of us at hand to talk through Loan Stock investment Packs & Forms.

Hope that you can join us on Sunday, and please continue to let us know if you have any questions about investing - we are very happy to answer them!